Sunday, October 14, 2012

Arikk's Poetry: The Six Great Patrons

Six good friends helped make last week's promotion a big success. Inspired by their generosity, Arikk Tresbitt has composed a new poem in their honor...

I dreamed of six great patrons beaming down
With radiant benevolence for all,
Each one a shining jewel in Heaven's crown,
Each one a mighty figure, proud and tall.
For when we languished in obscurity,
The Six looked down and saw our helpless plight.
They spread our names across the land and sea
And brought our tale from shadows to the light.
When we were silent, it was they who spoke,
Called up a force of thousands on command.
When Fires dimmed, 'twas they who came to stoke
And helped our weary company to stand.
Their grace shall gleam until the end of days,
And so, with humble words, I offer praise.

I first applaud the one they call the Smith,
The loyal subject of a distant Queen,
With strength of arm unequaled save for myth
And strength of heart beyond what most have seen.
So brash of speech, with swift and cutting taunts,
So brazenly rebellious in his deeds,
Come not between this man and what he wants,
For he who does will soon be he who bleeds.
But none could ask for better at their side
To fight what battles must be fought and won
For he shall cross the field with one great stride
And smite his foes 'till setting of the sun.
The Smith, a mighty tower of a man,
I praise him with the greatest words I can.

A lady from the town of Lexington
With fiery hair and eyes to match the sea,
To foes, known as a force from whom to run,
To friends, known for undying loyalty.
With her, I shared a prison long ago
Tyrannical its warden, dank its walls,
But through her constant grace, I came to know
That soon enough, the darkest prison falls.
Throughout adversity, she held the line.
Through monumental tasks, she had my back.
Through every issue waived as "by design,"
We both pulled through, and still found time to snack.
For all her friendship, laughter, and advice,
No simple words of gratitude suffice.

The third might seem a Timid sort at first,
An unassuming fellow, soft of speech,
But courage swells inside him, primed to burst
And lead his friends once more into the breach.
For there is more to him than meets the eye,
More than his love for all fantastic tales.
Where others might lay down, give in, and die,
'Tis he who battles on 'till he prevails.
Outrageous fortune has he long endured,
Enough to batter down the strongest wall,
Yet all of us who know him rest assured,
That ever shall he rise above it all.
No ordinary commoner is he,
But stalwart friend to fortunates like me.

Her heart a gleaming Ruby. O indeed,
Unparalleled in generosity,
Downtrodden children come to her to read,
And those who cross her quickly learn to flee.
In fierce defense of others does she fight.
In harsh dilemmas does she lend her aid.
When wrongs arise, 'tis she who sets them right,
For fairness is her only stock-in-trade.
An honest voice to those who need it most,
A sympathetic ear in times of strife,
The first to raise a goblet in a toast
To all good things, to friendship, and to life.
Compassionate and selfless, brave and kind,
She is herself sincerity defined.

From ocean's depths, there came a sparkling Pearl,
Whose presence brightened every room she passed.
Though oft mistaken for a little girl,
Within that tiny frame, her heart is vast.
And more than that, she holds a sharpened mind
Relentless in its focus on her tasks,
Yet still she finds the time to come unwind
And lends her aid to anyone who asks.
She leads and follows with the same respect,
She leaps at every single chance to learn,
And if I had the power to elect
A leader, she'd be first to whom I'd turn.
So now, to mark her journey overseas,
I sing the praises of her victories.

Last, but not least, a man of iron Will,
Last seen from far across the battlefield,
Displaying his unquestionable skill
And discipline which still has yet to yield.
His mighty works inspire one and all,
Compel the rest of us to follow suit,
And those of us who heed his trumpet's call
May find that our own discipline takes root.
For nothing drives us further than a man
Who shows his fellows that it can be done,
And none of us deserves more glory than
The battlefield's greatest champion.
To all these Six, and others in their ranks,
I offer you my everlasting thanks.

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