Monday, June 25, 2012

Tropers rejoice!

The Fires of Affliction's TV Tropes page is now up and running!

Arikk's Poetry — The Winter Curse

Arikk Tresbitt is the town of Meligreas's favorite poet, if only by default. After a certain tragedy, he penned a number of mournful sonnets. Here, for the first time outside his own circle of readers, is one of them:

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Alternate Drafts — Prologue

The Fires of Affliction took years to write, and went through several drafts on the way to publication. Here's an earlier version of the prologue scene...

Work has officially begun on the second book in the trilogy, Night Sky Falling. Here's the cover:

The fire's been Kindled!

The Fires of Affliction is now live and available for purchase on Amazon Kindle, for only $2.99. Check it out here. Hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Excerpt — From Chapter 1: The Quarry

Chapter 1 finds the huntsman Khan Eilon on a search for an evening meal. Instead, he finds a nightmare, and faces it in deadly combat...

Talican's War Stories — And a Child Shall Lead Them

From the war journals of Talican Stell, the infamous captain of the Crimson Reavers, comes a tale of conscience and consequence...

Every fire begins with a single spark...

Welcome to the official Fires of Affliction blog! Here, you'll find information on the book's characters, world, and upcoming content. We'll be launching the book tomorrow, on Sunday 6/24, so stay tuned for an update shortly...