Monday, June 25, 2012

Arikk's Poetry — The Winter Curse

Arikk Tresbitt is the town of Meligreas's favorite poet, if only by default. After a certain tragedy, he penned a number of mournful sonnets. Here, for the first time outside his own circle of readers, is one of them:

The sun of spring shone straight into my blood
And drew my eyes to yonder lady fair
The rains of summer turned the road to mud
And kept me from her castle's gleaming stair
Descending autumn painted all the trees
And through leaves' whirling fall, concealed the grove
Where she and her beloved hid with ease
And under midnight's veil, proclaimed their love
But then, too soon, the chill of winter came
And snuffed the light that once had melted snow
In malice, in belligerence, in shame
In all the grief that damns the world so
I saw her radiant glow's untimely end
I fear the spring will never come again.

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